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Cuties keep killing it: interoperable items are here

Blockchain Cuties partners with CryptoBots to bring us the first ever interoperable collectibles!

Is Blockchain Cuties the recent acts of politicized domestic terrorism in the United States? Because they've been making headlines non-stop these past weeks!

Jokes about bombs and mass-shootings aside, the Cuties have been killing it. Dammit, I said no more death jokes!

But seriously, just in October we've written about how the game added a new token, fixed bugs, upgraded their UX and added Boss Raids; how it's now supported by Enjin Wallet; and how it became the first game ever to support two chains! The Cuties are on a roll!

Well, today we have one more piece of Cutie-related news for you: they've partnered up with Cryptobots to bring us the first ever interoperable collectibles! (Check the reputable source here).

This is a big deal. One of the main reasons for crypto games to exist in the first place was so that items that you buy or win in one game could be usable in another game. It's not just a great security measure against items losing value if their game disappears – it's also just plain fun to have even with two perfectly functioning games!

Other players in the industry (Experimental, War Field, etc.) have been flirting with the idea of interoperability. But Blockchain Cuties and Cryptobots have beat them to the punch. Even though interoperability is literally the entire premise fueling Experimental as a project. Ouch.

If you are a registered CryptoBots player since before October 2nd, and you own at least one game asset, then you can get your own, special edition, CryptoBot Cutie for free! If you're too lazy to read their Medium post and find out how, just read our predigested version as usual:

1) Head to

2) Log in using the same wallet address you have in CryptoBots

3) Leave your CryptoBots registered email address in the registration form (this is obligatory).

There's three different kinds of CryptoBot Cuties available. One will be delivered to each address. Between you and me, Gameunculus is almost bored of writing about Blockchain Cuties's success already, so, we wish them well, but ... maybe a few quiet weeks wouldn't hurt, huh?

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