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War of Crypto Early Access Sale starts 11 November

The only way to get 13 brand new Heroes, which won’t be available after the sale ends

War of Crypto, a PvP multiplayer where you own evolvable and tradeable heroes and send them to battle, will start the Early Access Sale on November, 11. Do you, guys, mean the pre-sale? - a dogged reader might ask. No, our little bore, we don’t mean the pre-sale, cause War of Crypto has already completed the pre-sale successfully! And now they’re launching an Early Access Sale for those not-so-much-satisfied with the pre-sale results. Which actually makes the devs more merciful than women are, cause they give no second chances.

But this chance will be the last one for sure. Like a last Ozzy Osbourne's farewell tour. Definitely not like his previous five farewell tours. This one for real, people! And the heroes of Early Access Sale won’t be available later. The total of 13 heroes and 26 skins will be put on the market. Every hero will have 2 skins, but it doesn’t mean you can peel the first one off and find the second underneath. Skins are just the colour variants of a particular hero. For example, the recently revealed Baba, the Fearsome Monkey, goes in two editions: red and normal (it’s kinda black. Or grey. Or dusty-blacky-grey).

By the way, note that War of Crypto, Crypto Wars, and Crypto Fights are three different games. How do you, devs, do it? Who names your games - retarded AI mixing “war”, “crypto” and “fights” randomly? Let’s add “bloody”, “rampage”, “snuff” and “cannibalism” at least!

And if you, our fellow readers, wanna try yourselves in brand naming - join our chat! The craziest crypto games names ever are always welcome, idle gossip will also do.

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