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Crypto and Gamers release Pro Membership program

This special cult grants its members access to prizes, discounts, betas, and other gaming goodies

Ever felt lonely? Ever heard someone describe you as an outsider? Ever desperately longed to belong in a group that could finally make you say "you guys are like the nurturing family I never had"?

Of course you have. We know, because you're a crypto gamer, and the demographic for this industry is incredibly specific. Look, tell anybody that you meet today that you're a crypto gamer. I guarantee you they will ask "what the hell are crypto games and why the fuck are you in my basement."

It's ok. is here to make some money off your anxieties. With their new program, the Crypto Gamers Community Pro Membership!

Pro Membership is the first ERC-1155 member token powered by Enjin Wallet. It gives its holders access to a full year of exclusive content, discounts, prizes, and more. The first 1000 people to join will get their membership for free!

Here's what Max Hatchwell, a.k.a Crypto Hulk, a.k.a the co-founder of, had to say about the membership program:

"These membership tokens take us further in our goal to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. We wanted to offer our most loyal readers a space where they could access even more content and rewards! Other than that, the ERC-1155 token standard opens up the potential for new blockchain use cases that have never before been possible in the gaming industry."

As to why they chose ERC-1155 specifically, Max adds "we did it because it’s backed by Enjin; we want to collaborate with game platforms first, to support the growth of the industry." A real team player.

Reasons to join this cult:

  • Be a proud owner of the first ever ERC-1155 membership token.
  • Get up to 30% discount on worldwide blockchain/gaming events.
  • Opt to receive exclusive game assets as rewards!
  • Win prizes in giveaway competitions.
  • There's exclusive offers every month.
  • You'll have a chance to enter their team of alpha-testers.
  • There's exclusive open beta games!
  • There's exclusive email newsletter.
  • And, exclusive updates on news and insights into the blockchain gaming industry.
  • Plus the mandatory "and so much more".

Ok, so even Gameunculus has to admit, there's absolutely no reason not to join this cult. But how do you do it?

Steps to join this cult

  • Join the Crypto and Gamers telegram or follow them on Twitter.
  • Download & install the Enjin Wallet so you can actually store your membership token.
  • Import your account from MyEtherWallet to Enjin Wallet using your private key (here's a handy tutorial)

Guys, heads up now: the CGC token is not tradeable. It will have no market value. Other than granting its owner membership to the cult. Each token is assigned to a registered ETH address for rewards and airdrops. The roadmap will be announced in Q1 2019.

Gameunculus recommends searching among other basement creepers for friends. Why not join this club?

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