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0xWarriors - a new battler by 0xGames

0xUniverse creators are revealing their new game, and it’s not about space

More details were revealed today about the upcoming 0xGames battler. If you came across just to take a look at a house-steward resembling Jeeves (and 0xGames silver-spooners exploiting him to fulfill their perverse wishes), we have to disappoint you. Jeeves was a butler, not a battler, while a battler is a battling person or a game genre focused on battling. Whoopsie, too much battles in one sentence. Gameunculus: teaching English on crypto games material.

So, 0xWarriors is a battler, and here’s the trailer for those not very fond of reading (hope there are not so many bad asses like that in our fantastic community). Squads of 5 dumplings are fighting one another, and you can improve their battle skills by equipping various items that can be found in special chests. You’ll be able to purchase the chests during the pre-sale - the start date is November 6.

Chibies (hey, it’s the wrong word and the wrong game! Let them be “tiny fighters” instead) belong to different classes - Warrior, Mage or Ranger - and should be positioned differently on the battlefield. As we all know, it’s not perfect to place mages at close range - they get offended and die quickly.

0xWarriors will be released on EOS, but they are planning to make the game multi blockchain by connecting Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies a bit later. Let us wish them every success and mass adoption, as Gameunculus can’t wait to send his tiny fighters to the Arena!

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