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Cuties make history, supporting EOS and ETH

Blockchain Cuties becomes first game with two chains!

A while back, Gameunculus called Blockchain Cuties the rich man's Crypto Kitties (it made sense in that post, ok! Go check it out). This game has been doing exceptionally well lately, and fans knew that – along with their new CUTE token, UX improvements and Boss Raids – something big was planned for Halloween season. Now, it's out. And boy oh boy. It's big. (Not a dick joke).

Blockchain Cuties has just become the first game to support both ETH and EOS. That's right. Many game teams have talked about having bi-chain experiences, but they're mostly just curious or bluffing for attention. Blockchain Cuties are the real deal queer. I mean – it's a metaphor. They support two chains, that's what we mean.

"EOS blockchain users can now jump into the world of Cuties and play the game together with Ethereum player," reads the slightly typoed Medium post that broke the big news. You may be thinking, cool, but; why's that a big deal? Here's the highlights from the post, premasticated so you don't have to work too hard:

Cuties EOS post TL;DR:

· EOS switch has been added to in-game wallet: you can now log in with an Ethereum address or an EOS address.

· Play on two blockchain at the same time: use the "attach EOS" function to add your EOS address to you old ETH game account.*

· Their EOS support is on Beta. Most mechanics are working, except for blockchain item usability (aristocracy potions, life elixirs, youth potions)

· Each Cutie's blockchain affiliation is shown on their bottom left corner.

· During the next two weeks, improvements will be added to the wallet, an ETH<>EOS Custody function will be released, and unique EOS Cuties will surface.

· The team is excited about the possibility of chain wars in the future...whatever that means.

*But not the other way around! If you now create a new EOS account as your main account, you cannot later add an ETH account to it.

Don't have an EOS account yet? You can actually get one through the Blockchain Cuties built-in service for creating EOS accounts. This was kinda necessary, seeing as EOS is wack (a.k.a it's a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain) and it requires newcomers to ask someone already on the EOS blockchain to create an account for them.

The team ends their post teasing that "in the future there could be more (blockchains)", like Tron, Cardano or NEO. Really? You're not satisfied with two of them, Cuties??? Now it feels like the appropriate metaphor was polyamory. We live in more open-minded times now, I guess. Back in the old blockchain days, each game had only one chain, goddamit!

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