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Non-fungible Alliance - on guard for NFT

The goal of a new community is to create a platform for all non-fungible thinkers, enthusiasts, and creators

Guys, beware, it seems like the war is coming: various alliances have been mushrooming lately in our cozy crypto games world. The Non-fungible Alliance is not created for fighting the evil Fungible Alliance as you might think. It serves as a useful bridge between largely unexplored area of NFT and all those who need NFTs: creators, developers and mere users.

NFT doesn’t stand for Not Funny Things or Neon Fearing Transvestites. It’s a non-fungible token, and all your kitties, cuties, baseball players and other collectible flying potatoes are in fact NFTs. Creating them is not as simple as creating fungible tokens, which can be easily replaced by one another.

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To support the future of digital assets on the blockchain, 0xcert was built - an open protocol used to create, own and validate unique assets easily. Non-fungible Alliance is a 0xcert offspring, and it doesn’t look like a bad son. It unites about twenty blockchain companies, both well-known like OpenSea or ETH.TOWN, and developing like Ember Sword, and is looking for new allies (but we still do not get who they are going to battle against).

Gameunculus hopes all that will end peacefully, and we won’t watch collectibles annihilating other games - it won’t be fair, cause their dominance is still overwhelming! But if you want to make bets - welcome to our chat.

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