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Halloween events in Hash Rush

Participate in the latest Halloween challenges and win exclusive prizes

If you’ve already got drunk on a Halloween party wearing a dead whore costume (fishnet stockings, mini and slashed throat), then you might think that the fun is over. That’s not true, and if you don’t trust Gameunculus, ask the calendar! Or Hash Rush devs, who have prepared a handful of Halloween events for you.

Hash Rush couldn’t choose the best idea and launched the Skin Challenge, the Pumpkin Hunt and the Spooky Social at a time.

The Skin Challenge is perfect for those who are chubby enough to wear leopard leggins - ernacks look gorgeous with the new epic Cheetah Skin, pure body positive! To get your fancy costumes (Cheetah is only one of them), you should play beta and mine without rest. If you are hardworking enough to take a place among the leaders, this fat girls favorite piece of fashion is yours - simple!

The second Hash Rush challenge is the Pumpkin Hunt. It is not actually a hunt, though it could be even more fun - trying to shoot a pumpkin, which is running away or hiding in a bush. Collecting pumpkins is duller, but remember, you are doing it not for your love of pumpkin pies, but for great prizes! Make ernacks collect as many as they can (and feel like a slavedriver of indigenous population), and unlock secret prizes.

And, finally, if you are a blogger (which means you’re totally useless in mining or even collecting pumpkins), you can still get your prize and a moment of fame. Play Hash Rush, share game screenshots on your social media pages and get a chance to win special blogger prizes not available for average miners and gardeners. Hope that the prizes will be as useful, as your blogging hard work, guys!

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