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Enjin Wallet now supports ERC-1155 features and new games

A new Enjin Wallet update lets users melt and send ERC-1155 tokens! Plus, it now supports Blockchain Cuties and Axie Infinity

When it comes to crypto gaming, there’s a problem with old token standards. Besides the fact that they have stupid sounding names (did you know ERC stands for “Emergency: Real Chihuahuas!”?). The big problem is that they require a single, separate contract to be deployed for each item type. Enter the ERC-1155 token standard. It fixes the travesty of the separate contracts by doing the exact opposite: it packages multiple items into one contract. That way, multiple trades could potentially occur at once (instead of the Ethereum network approving and processing each traded item separately), which would shorten waiting times when players are swapping items, and reduce congestion and gas costs on the blockchain. Less money spent on gas, more money spent on your chihuahua collection. What?

The advent of ERC-1155 basically means that game companies will be able to “mass produce” tokens. If you’re confused about how something digital and completely ethereal can be said to be mass produced, you’re not alone (though he may not like to admit it, it took some extra tutoring to get Gameunculus to understand all this). It just means that devs won’t have to code a completely separate smart contract for each individual sword or magic hat or lambo that they need for their game. Oh, I’m sorry developer, did you need more free time to go chill in your Scrooge McDuck money vault? Just kidding, crypto is crashing, there are no more money vaults, we’re all gonna die.

The wise creator of ERC-1155, Witek Radomski, is also, as you may know, co-founder and CTO of Enjin. And the news today is that the Enjin wallet has been updated to include melting and sending features for ERC-1155, plus, it now supports your two favorite classic-but-not-as-classic-as-crypto-kitties games! Axie Infinity and Blockchain Cuties!

CryptoFights and War of Crypto recently distributed ERC-1155 items to their players, so they will now get to transfer them on the Enjin Wallet. And what’s the…melting part about? It means users will be able to “melt down” their ERC-1155 tokens to get to the juicy ENJ at the center (because every token made with Enjin’s development platform contains some ENJ within) (if you need more explaining on this, refer to this informative video with lazy animation)

And yeah, Blockchain Cuties and Axie Infinity collectibles are joining Gods Unchained and Crypto Kitties in being supported on Enjin Wallet. Blockchain Cuties actually created a custom Enjin-themed Cutie as a thank you, because they’re teacher’s pet. Get it?

…I will see myself out the door.  

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