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Halloween prize challenges - two at a time

Win the Spooky Pumpkin planet in the pumpkin carving competition by ExoPlanets, and the Legendary Planet in the 0xUniverse giveaway

Excuse us, guys. We’re so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be Nearly Halloween: the time immediately before Halloween when they try to sell us extra stuff by painting it orange and black. Very inconvenient. We believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame. The silver lining is, two crypto games are holding Halloween contests! So in this case you don't have to buy anything!

A spooktacular giant was discovered in 0xUniverse, and they want YOU to explore it. How can you rise to the ocassion? By following them on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, joining the Telegram chat – just ordinary stuff, no space journeys unfortunately. And if you already have a 0xUniverse account with at least 1 planet, you’ll get 1 additional entry. The winner (they will choose one on October 31) will get the Legendary planet-o’-lantern. If you're lucky enough, feel free to offer Gameunculus a piece of galactic pumpkin pie.

The second challenge requires all your creativity and knife-holding skills. ExoPlanets have also discovered a wicked pumpkin planet. With so many vegans around, even planets are vegan-friendly! Gameunculus would rather have a roast turkey planet, or a steak planet, or a burger one. ExoPlanets devs want you to CARVE PUMPKINS to win the planet! Why don’t you carve the face of your ex? Even if you don't place top three, you can use the ex-faced pumpkin for some other purposes!

Wanna talk about veggie planets and boast of your pumpkin masterpieces? Our Telegram chat is always at your service.

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