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CryptantCrab, a new PvP crypto game, starts pre-sale

Crypto + Mutant + Crab - that’s a formula for CryptantCrab, where you can collect, mutate and send your crabs to battle

Well, here we are finally - looking at the latest collectible featuring crypto crabs launching it’s pre-sale which will last until November 16. Each time it seems more difficult to predict what the next collectible will be about - there are not many critters left untouched by crypto rush!

The game is about collecting and mutating crypto crabs, so that they could better kick opponents’ asses (do crabs have asses, hm?) in the battles. There are 5 crab classes in the game: Fire, Earth, Metal, Spirit and Water. Hey, and what about the Air crab?! We bet they are great at flying. And breathing. And whistling. And whatever else they can do with the air.

313 crabs have already been sold - that’s not a bucket, it’s a crab tanker! And Cryptant Crabs are still cheaper than real crabs, so why don’t you have one? Or ten, cause in this case you’ll get a legendary crab for sure. As for Gameunculus, he still prefers animate or inanimate objects that he can devour. Or use for other physiological intentions.

What do you think of crabs, guys, or maybe you prefer lobsters? Wondering if they ever appear on blockchain? Step right up - we’d love to discuss all the cryptocrabby stuff in our chat. Join if you are not a crab!

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