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EOS TAPSONIC VR, the first EOS VR game ever, launched today

The game of crashing blocks to the music is already available on Steam

What do you call it when you see monsters on the streets of your city and try to catch them - delirium tremens? No, it’s Augmented Reality, or simply AR. And what do you call it when you always wear goggles and make freaky movements all the time - drug addiction? No, it’s Virtual Reality, or VR - and it’s just come to blockchain games! EOS TAPSONIC VR, the first VR game on EOS, launched today and is available, where do you think? - on Steam! Yep, guys, blockchain games have already got that far.

If you think that now you can leave the boring world and go on a thrilling virtual trip - sorry to upset you. First of all, you can’t do it without HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Drug trips are cheaper, and, you know, they’ve recently legalized weed in Canada - it’s a lot to think about! Secondly, even if you luckily convince your mum to buy you Oculus, you won’t get into a fantastic new world of your dreams. All you can do in the game is to listen to music and hit the virtual blocks flying towards you. Tap, Sonic, tap! That’s it. Oh, we almost forgot to say that your brilliant results in block hitting will be saved forever on EOS Mainnet.

Well, not bad for the first blockchain game of that kind. 22 songs, multiple levels of difficulty and some upcoming features like rewards for being on leaderboard - all that makes TAPSONIC VR a nice choice for a party. Or for a crypto sociopath, cause the game is like Guitar Hero for guys with destructive tendencies and high stress levels.

Join our chat and tell us what you think about blockchain VR games, guys! And if you don’t think about them, join anyway - there are loads of topics to discuss in crypto games world.

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