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Crypto Idle Miner - not actually a miner, but a game

Crypto Idle Miner beta is live - earn cryptocurrency playing the mining simulation game

Today Crypto Idle Miner, a new mobile game, implemented some new features to their beta version. What do you think about mining mobile games, guys? Do you know, that you already have a unique opportunity to mine cryptocurrency on your iPhone? You’ll finish with $12 a month mining 24/7 and your battery dying rapidly - isn’t it fun? Well, luckily Crypto Idle Miner is not about that trash.

Crypto Idle Miner is just a simulation of mining, no worries - it won’t harm your precious fruity-labeled phone (or any other phones, if you aren’t a lucky iPhone owner). The devs, Hora Games team, are on a mission to educate the community about crypto in a funny and idle way, and they are developing their game for this purpose.

As we’ve already mentioned, the game is a simulator. And it’s idle - can’t stop saying this word, cause Gameunculus is an idle guy and it sounds like music to him. You can create your own mining farm and watch it going to the moon! Btw, how do you picture a mining farm? Endless rows of high-tech hardware, chilly and deserted? Well, in Crypto Idle Miner the mining farm looks like an ordinary office. And they even implemented plants and pets in their latest update, so now it looks like an ordinary office of a crypto company: pets, plants and hoverboards everywhere. So cute! And a little bit confusing, cause, remember, the guys wanted to educate the community.

But let’s not quibble over details, there are more important things you should know about. In Crypto Idle Miner you can earn real crypto - HORA tokens, which will be released on the market together with the full game release. Later you are going to be rewarded with HORA for playing daily and unlocking achievements, and right now you can get some HORA for your assistance in beta testing. Remember, guys, assistance is a noble mission! Right now Gameunculus is about to assist a couple of women to be in a state of bliss, cheers!

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