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Flixy Games adopts blockchain for Score 11

Flixy Games, a mobile game company based in India and developing for iOS and Apple, is planning to incorporate blockchain for their new fantasy sports betting platform, Score 11. Because sooner or later, they all wanna join the blockchain club...

Specifically, they'll be joining the Enjin blockchain. This will allow them to tokenize their points system, making all the betting transparent and secure, and to build an achievement and leveling system that uses blockchain assets to give players more tangible rewards. No offense, but these guys got the blockchain memo super late. We all had the conversation about how blockchain could improve sports betting months ago. Where were you, mobile games?

Score 11 is a fantasy cricket platform for now, but Flixy has plans to expand the game to include other major sports soon. Believe it or not, fantasy cricket is becoming really popular in India, with 40 million players to date, and an estimated 100 million expected for 2020. Really? Is cricket... exciting? It's literally named after the insect who's call is associated to boring things and interminable silences.

On Score 11, players will deposit both Fiat and ENJ to participate in various contests and can withdraw their winnings in ENJ. Players will also be able to purchase sports collectibles and trade them with other players. It's like the Indian version of the United States's MLB Crypto Baseball.

Gameunculus has tried his hand at cricket only once before, and it resulted in an injured back and a very confused cricket. His advice for gamer types like us: best stick to fantasy sports. Stay away from the real thing.

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