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Token Tycoon (finally) live

Build your own crypto empire on Ethereum

Token Tycoon. In their own words, the first blockchain tycoon simulation game on the Ethereum Network, where you build your own business empire and reap rewards in crypto. We'd just like to point out the sad Inceptionness of a blockchain startup who created a blockchain powered simulator for people to play pretend to be successful at blockchain startups. The elegant cruelty of it all has received a Gameunculus seal of approval.

But, coining awkward words like "Inceptionness" aside, the big news is that Token Tycoon has finally, for realsies, this time really for real, launched their gameplay! That's right, took a few false starts, but the game finally launched on October 21st at 10:00PM EST. The team is classy – not enough to actually be on time in the first place – but enough to compensate all players that have been waiting, each with 30 Talent Cards worth 0.3ETH.

In Token Tycoon, you're playing to raise your market cap, because the higher your market value, the more real crypto you earn. Your market cap will reflect how well your business management strategy, management of personnel, cooperation with others, choice of location for specific buildings, and daily business decisions are handled. The game's native token is Cash (TTC), an ERC20 that you earn for your victories on the market. Cash can be used to launch new businesses, upgrade existing businesses, hire new talent, and more.

Where the collectibles at? Every crypto game needs an ERC721 (or do they? Heard of ERC1155 yet?). In Token Tycoon these would be the Managers, the Talents, and the Buildings (were you trying to compensate for your tardiness with too many tokens??).

Managers have unique, stackable skills. You hire them to increase the maximum number of buildings you can build, the amount of customers that enter your store, the overall revenue your business generates, your floating capital, and more. Talents can be hired and traded in the Tycoon Market. At launch, 50 different talents were available for hire. Talents are graded in 5 tiers – Trainee, Amateur, Professional, Expert, and Genius – and using the right ones is crucial to your company's success. Talent can be hired using either TTC or ETH. You can also fire talents in exchange for experience, which is used to upgrade your talent's level. And finally, Buildings. The shiny toys that make it all fun. Depending on how you organize your buildings and shops on your tycoon map, you can receive different bonuses. You can trade your TTC, managers, buildings, and talents in the Tycoon Market.

18 different shops in 6 different industries are now available for you to run a business. Just like with real businesses, the trick is to get the best location for your shops to maximize their foot traffic and profits. Your Tycoon level and manager level will affect the number of shops you can operate at the same time, and your Talents take care of the rest.

The TTC you earn is uploaded to the Bank, that is, the blockchain. Gameunculus thinks it's pretty ironic that, in a blockchain game all about crypto, your goal is to store your crypto in an old school, centralized financial institution. The Bank can also hand you loans to start your next business. Be responsible, you know how these centralized institutions are...

There's also something called the Wealthiest Tycoon Ranking, where players' market cap will be calculated and stored on the blockchain. The higher your ranking, the more ETH you earn. Once you reach a specific tycoon level, you will be given the opportunity to invest in a business using cash. This is the point in the game when you can do nothing and let money come in for others' work. In other words, the Ponzy part of the game (hey, still coining words! We're on fire).

Token Tycoon can be played on PC, iOS, and Android. Go explore it and send us some smoke signals telling us what you think! Till next time, cryptogamers.

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