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CryptoWars marketplace live

Cryptowars currently selling Experimental skins and starter packs in their marketplace

Cryptowars, Experimetal's first game and Dappradar's newest partner, is currently selling Experimental skins and starter packs in their marketplace, to fund development. These are limited edition GEN 0 NFTs, including one free one (the mandatory NFT scholarship, if you will). The starter packs include armies, leveled up buildings, gold and crystals, which will be usable in CryptoWars once beta launches; and also on all future games developed by E11.

And that's the thing: Experimental (or E11) is a platform whose main point in existing is to push for interoperability of game items. But Crypto Wars is only their first project. Graphics look great and the alpha is live for community members only (though you can join now by buying a skin or starter pack). The beta will be released for the public on December first. So, what we got here is a platform who preaches interoperability across their games, whilst having only one game available. I mean – you gotta start somewhere, says Gameunculus. But you know; until you have any real results, you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. As always in this industry.

Experimental at least seems serious about their interoperable platform of games. They have developed the E11 Shared NFT protocol, a standard composed of 5 smart contracts, which can be used to make NFTs work in any game. Gameunculus always recommends partying. But, more to the point, he also recommends you kids stay up to date with your studies. This industry evolves fast, people! If you wanna read up on how the E11 protocol works, visit this post.

Another good sign is that they seem to have an involved (albeit smallish) community. The stock for their sale includes a so-called "community skin", which is not some gross colossal skin to be worn as a flabby flesh tent by the community (as that name should indicate), but rather, a skin that the 300 members of the community will design together.

The team has recently partnered with Dappradar and WAX, so you know somebody believes in them.

As always, stay tuned. And study! And party.

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