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My Crypto Heroes last airdrop - Jack the Ripper

Get a well-known maniac with special skills for free

Jack the Ripper is the last airdrop hero you can get for free before the full launch of My Crypto Heroes. There are only 500 heroes allocated for the airdrop, but if you’re planning to have one without paying a cent - sorry, bro, the gas price is not included.

Jack the Ripper is an uncommon character with high attack and agility. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see him ripping and eating the insides of his victims - the pixel art graphics of the game seems not very suitable for detailed images. So the devs made their Ripper a bloody insane psycho maniac in a different way. Unlike the real Jack, who was fond of women of low social (and sexual) status, the in-game madman is indiscriminate and struggles to kill everyone. Literally everyone: his special skill deals damage to his opponents, his allies and even himself. Why?! Because rip you up, that’s why!

If you are still not afraid of having such a valuable item in your collection (the only reason for that is your own maniac nature you’re trying to hide and sublimate into a game), it’s high time you took some action. There are only 82 Rippers left, and the world seems even more dangerous for Gameunculus: what if all these maniacs run amok one day?

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