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Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Day 2

Some cool insights from crypto games experts and the Awards Ceremony

The second day of the conference was tough, and most of the participants looked distinctly hung-over. How would we have survived if the conference lasted 3 days? That’s a question for DopeRaider, Gameunculus thought. They could help somehow.

Instead of chilling out, the participants dove straight into solving critical issues. What’s better for crypto gaming in the long term: Ethereum or EOS? Dmitry Chirun, Blockchain and Gaming Advisor, said: “It reminds me of Android vs iOS. We need a middle layer like Unity. Some bridges. And we'll see more connections between blockchains”. Will the relsease of Ethereum 2.0 solve our current problems? Nikolai Pashuk, Founder, Dragonereum, expressed: “EOS won’t be competitive enough during the next 6 months, especially if Ethereum 2.0 solves its problems with transaction time and gas prices”. What is the best way to promote crypto games? Sergei Labutin, Executive Director, Ether Dale, commented: “There’s no universal means, you never know where users come from. Media, social media, listing websites. A community is a powerful tool, it simplifies the involvement of users”. In a couple of hours Gameunculus was bored and decided to walk around the showcase.

Day 2 was surprisingly rich on cosplayers, who diluted the serious business atmosphere a little. The cosplay girls were a little too modest for Gameunculus's taste, wearing lots of unnecessary clothing, but they were cute anyways and brought joy to his anguished heart.

Finally, the time had come for the most important event of the day - the Awards Ceremony. The situation became tense; a dozen paramedics were posted outside the room with their emergency kits, ready to aid losers. But weather-beaten game devs remained calm. And here are the lucky winners; three places were awarded for best crypto games:

  • 3rd place - 0xUniverse, a game for galaxy travelers and conquerors;
  • 2nd place - Lordmancer II, a MMO RPG with some mining;
  • 1st place - Blockchain Cuties, where cute creatures fight terrible monsters to survive and get fashion garments.

Awards were handed to the smiley winners. First place got an iPhone X. As you all know, you can do a lot of blockchain stuff on an iPhone. Like, for example, play Blockchain Cuties.

Gameunculus was sad to leave the Conference and go back to the real world, where nobody knows about crypto games and he has to continuously explain what it is that he does for a living. Looking at the glass half full, there will be more conferences and meet-ups in the future. There are so many wonderful places aside from Belarus - literally any place will do!

Gameunculus would love for us to wrap up his report with an on-point phrase he heard behind closed doors at the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk: “We’re always getting f*cked. And blockchain shows, that's exactly how it happens”.

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