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Everdragons moved to POA from Ethereum mainnet

Dragon collectible with mini-games is live on POA

Dragons have once again proved their superiority to the rest (the real) of the animal kingdom: Everdragons have soared high in the sky, waved the Ethereum mainnet goodbye and nested on the POA Network.

Everdragons is a blockchain game where you can develop and trade your own ERC-721 dragon tokens. Sounds boring and extremely familiar, doesn’t it? Let’s make it more exciting: every dragon comes bundled with a beautiful princess (rich, agreeable, no bad habits, no kids, cats or annoying exes). Just kidding, go and find your princess in the real world, crypto Mario!

Getting back to our dragons: the gameplay is connected with real life events. Today only one mini-game is live, the RACE, but the devs promise to introduce a dozen of them. The point is that any dragon taking part in a race gets a cryptocoin ticker. The cryptocurrency rate changes affect the dragons’ speed, and the one whose coin is rising fastest will win the race.

Moving to POA allows players to enjoy super fast and cheap transactions. It's a good thing Everdragons were enough far-sighted not to call themselves Ether Dragons, or they'd have to rebrand now.

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