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Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Day 1

Dope Raider, POA Network, Gamertoken, True Flip, Wargaming, Ether Dale, Blockchain Cuties and other experts are sharing their opinions and insights

The Crypto Games Conference in Minsk (17th and 18th of October) was a first for Gameunculus, and his excitement showed. He thought it would be something not unlike a cosplay convention: pretty faces waltzing around, mini skirts, kitty ears, foxy tails... Unfortunately, upon arrival, he couldn’t find any. There were only serious guys (some of them even wearing suits instead of jeans), discussing serious issues and doing serious business. Feeling the desperation and loneliness sinking in, Gameunculus sat in a corner and braced himself for the sausage fest.

The first speech, delivered by the POA Network (an Ethereum sidechain with PoA consensus) turned out alright. The POA platform was adopted as a scalability solution by DopeRaider – a "hip" and "with it" game that gets more than just Gameunculus's hopes high. In the beginning, significant issues were discussed: how to cope with long transaction times and usurious gas prices, and how to set reasonable prices on crypto assets. After that, the guys got out some in-game dope and cocaine, at which point the audience cheered up, and even Gameunculus looked interested. But the speakers didn’t let anyone try any - “Bros, you need some Beethoven”, they said.

Next was Iouri Sorokine, from Gamertoken. He said there was a very big gap between traders playing games, and gamers playing for fun. Gameunculus, who’s very good at both trading and gaming, disagreed quietly. Gameplay was developing, but was still not very attractive, Iouri continued, and had lots of "repeating elements". Gameunculus nodded, remembering some popular crypto games. And there were also some problems with ERC-721 tokens: if a game dies, all tokens disappear. That's why the guys at Gamertoken want tokens to represent different assets in different games: so that if one game stops working, the asset can be transferred to another game. At that point, only a nuclear apocalypse could have a chance of stopping the process, but we’re not sure this would still happen in 2018.

Then came lunch break, and starving game developers rushed to the canteen. When Gameunculus saw the number of delicacies and delights offered by the chef, he realized he did not regret coming to the Crypto Games Conference at all. Caviar, lobster, foie gras and Dom Perignon - were all amongst the treats they did not serve. But you could choose any other type of meal, so long as it was potato-based.

Gameunculus managed to tear himself away from the delicious food long enough to go listen to Konstantin Katsev, Co-Founder of True Flip. He spoke about how, for gamers, the most important thing was to earn money. Gameunculus sighed, thinking that for him the most important thing was to lose money in a fun and thrilling way. Blockchain projects lacked credibility, not technological innovation, said Konstantin. To inspire some confidence, True Flip publishes info about users’ deposits and withdrawals on their site.

The last event of Day 1 was a discussion panel with Wargaming, Blockchain Cuties, Ether Dale and other game experts. And it was a wellspring of cryptogaming industry knowledge indeed. Insights, strong opinions and secret info - it turned out to justify having come to the conference after all.

So, with formalities over, Gameunculus is looking forward to partying at Black House Club (and hopefully seeing some pretty faces wearing mini skirts). If you're looking for hot girls there - look no further. They will all be in Gameunculus's hotel room sniffing his Ether.

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