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HyperDragons: tutorials for new features

If you recall from a previous post, HyperDragons – the game where you collect and trade ERC-721 dragons and earn DST, the game's native ERC-20 token – is said to be the world's first large-scale blockchain strategy game. The Ethereum based game (cockily) self adopted the title "large-scale" because it uses Tenfold Protocol’s Layer-2 Scaling technology, which it is now putting to the test through some new features.

The story today is that two new tutorials have been released for these features. One of them is the DragonCastleWar (these devs do not write spaces, for some reason), and the other Rocket Arena, which includes an updated game UX, active community marketing and outreach for the blockchain game.

HyperDragons's parent company, MIXMARVEL, is thrilled to be proving the usefulness of the scaling technology, already receiving reports from users that the speed of battles is closer to that of traditional games.

This is an alternative solution to the drawbacks of blockchain in gaming, which joins the solution that other devs have opted for: to simply take the gameplay off-chain. What do you guys think is best? Gameunculus is debating it himself. He thinks a wise gamer should wait and see how these games progress before siding with a team. It's all about making gaming better, after all!

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