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Glitch Goons pre-sale will start on October 22

Glitch Goons, a PvP mobile fighting game, will start its pre-sale on October 22, and here's the trailer. Ether Dale game devs, who previously created Ether Quest, are now working on the new game and have recently announced exclusive packs pre-sale. Are you ready to fly them off the shelves? We suppose, you are not, but it’s just because we haven’t told you anything about the game yet! So, listen up.

Glitch Goons is a game with fighting between truly unusual characters: manlike animals (all of them are erect-walking) with cybernetic body parts - just enough to piss off both PETA and feminists. Maybe it takes place in the far future, where animals took the best from humans and then destroyed the mankind. We advise you to be more careful with animals (and get rid of some exceptionally intelligent) so that it doesn’t happen in reality!

The fights are automatic, and if you want a Mortal Combat on blockchain - alas, let’s wait for another game release, and perhaps you’ll get what you want one day. Here, at Glitch Goons, your skills and dexterous fingers mean nothing, but they can still matter in other cases, if you know what we mean. And if our respected game devs use the idea to create a new game, please, don’t hesitate to offer Gameunculus a slight percent of your profits.

Glitch Goons is free-to-play, but if you don’t want your character to run around naked (actually they’re animals, and their bodies are covered with fur or feathers, but it’s not enough), you should be ready to fork out for top gear. As we’ve already said, battles are automatic, and the only way to take them under control is to improve your character’s stats and abilities by dressing him up. Pre-sale chests will really help you in this tough job of a fashion designer, cause any of them (even the cheapest one!) contains 5 random gear items. The more expensive the chest is, the higher your chances to find Rare, Epic and Legendary items are.

The devs call Glitch Goons “one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games on the market, supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies”. Does that mean, we can now use any coin to buy stuff in the game? Fantastic news indeed! Gameunculus will spend all his Useless Tokens, Doge, Garlicoins and Whoppercoins on Glitch Goons pre-sale packs! Well, all of them except Whoppercoins maybe - we might need these for a big Whopper.

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