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Treat Fighter beta: cook your warrior and taste the victory!

Guys, do you know how to create an unbeatable fighter? Endless workouts, genetic modifications, bionic parts… Meteorite strike or radioactive spider bite will also do. The Tricky Fast Studios devs took a different route: they expect you to COOK the best warrior!

Treat Fighter beta is live, and now you can indulge your sugar rush by really tough fights between characters made of chocolate, caramel, candies, nuts and other delicious stuff. You’ll need the latest Treat Fighter client, the Xaya Electron Wallet and some CHI, so, perhaps, radioactive spider bite will be more realistic. And before you start fighting, you need to prepare the warrior with your own hands using recipes and treat components. We realize how challenging it can be, if the top of your cooking mastery is a crooked sandwich with some slightly burnt bacon. Blockchain games: survival skills for beginners. Rare recipes can be obtained during Tournaments, and if you make smth indigestible, you’ll be able to sell it on the Treat Exchange. Well, probably - if there’s someone, who’s even worse at cooking than you are.

Who’s stronger: a Candy Boxer, a Crunchy Southpaw, or a Muffin Warrior? Take part in a Treat Fighter beta, and you’ll soon figure this out. Don’t worry if you can’t cook, just stop trying to poison your loved ones and send your disgusting creations to battle!

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