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Steem Monsters is live: create your team and fight!

Steem Monsters is finally live, and Gameunculus willl never get tired of repeating this “finally live” when a new game appears not only in the developers’ minds, but in reality. The PvP game with animated battles and various card skills welcomes new players regardless of their sex, race or religion. Though, there are some other requirements.

You need a Steem account to play, and a pack of cards of course. If you followed Gameunculus wise advice and saved some money on your school lunches, you could easily afford a 10$ starter pack and get your Steem account for free along with the purchase.

When you enter the game, you’ll certainly be shocked and stunned by all the new info (btw, “stun” - is one of the abilities that monsters have). So Gameunculus will help you, or make things even worse, cause you never know when he’s serious and when he is not.

First of all, you pick a summoner. Every summoner uses one of six primal forces. These forces are also called the Splinters (and they have nothing to do with a perverted rat-sensei living in sewers and trying to teach radioactive turtles to fight). Summoners can, in fact, summon monsters, and summoned monsters will do all the fighting for them.

Most of the characters can attack, and there are 3 different types: melee attack, ranged attack and magic attack. Magic attacks always strike the target, and magical characters can do damage from any row. Well, at least in this game magicians, sneaky little skunks, are cool and mighty, not ordinary punchbags.

And one more thing. What do you usually do when you’re always losing due to unfair game rules? Give up and leave the game? Whine all the time and ask devs to reinforce your characters? Throw your laptop out of the window? Well, now you’ll have another option. Just change the rules before the battle starts, your game - your rules! Want your melee and range monsters always hit their target? No prob, they’ll do it no worse than filthy magicians! However, be aware that the new rules also apply to your opponent, so the fight will be even anyways.

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