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MegaCryptoPolis: build your own city with blackjack and...

MegaCryptoPolis, a building blockchain game, is finally live. People who lack adventures play space opera games. Those who want to kill everyone play shooters. If you don’t have enough naked breasts in your life, you choose a fantasy rpg. And who on earth would choose a build-your-own-megapolis game? Maybe, a hikki spending time in 1 meter zone around his computer? Imagine how they miss noise of megapolis, busy traffic, and hobos taking a piss on a bus stop. Well, according to the latest MegaCryptoPolis statistics, there are lots of that kind. Not hobos, of course, but people who love big cities so much that they’re ready to spend precious ETH to build their own.

So, first of all you’ll need some ETH. If you have none, go and cry yourself to sleep, looser, cause in MegaCryptoPolis you can’t get even a fridge carton for free. Maybe in this case it’s more tough than the real world - here you can sleep on a park bench and take a shower in a fountain at no charge.

Let’s assume, that you have ETH. Then you can start with buying a piece of land called a block. Or you can waltz into the game flashing money like a drug lord in a nightclub, and buy a whole district if you feel like it. You’ll be able to construct buildings of different types on your territory and get the so called influence points. The amount of influence points depends on the building level and the types of buildings it is surrounded by. For example, a mine will have a negative impact on the residence nearby - it’s not very convenient to live next to a mine actually, if you are not a fucking dwarf. The more influence points you get (compared to other players), the more your income will be. And your daughter will go to a better school and won't become a stripper... Just kidding! Or not.

As the devs kindly report, “every key action in the game requires tax payments”. Guys, are you serious? Income taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes - haven’t we had enough of them in our life? This real-world simulation feels painfully real! Won’t be surprising, if we soon hear about a wave of divorces and suicides caused by bankruptcy in the game!

What do you think of MegaCryptoPolis, guys? Would you like to try? If you would, just be careful. What if they impose a tax on air and cut off the supply if you refuse to pay? On the bright side you can get an exciting experience of a city planner and remember how beautiful streets and squares can be without peeing hobos.

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