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Blockchain Cuties Boss Raids are here

The Blockchain Cuties team is super excited about the arrival of Raid Bosses (giving us the impression that you will too; we're writing about it, to err on the safe side).

The Raid Bosses are just one among 11 new improvements that Blockchain Cuties released in the past couple weeks (other notable mentions are their new CUTE token, some fixed bugs , and a couple improved UX details. More here).

The update will be delivered in two iterations. Presently, we'll get to see a simple bit fully functional version. A test, stepped off all the fancy curfuffle. We only get the full blown UI and expanded content as a Halloween present at the end of the month. What a tease.

Raid boss battles are like regular adventure battles but with “Raid Boss Location” attack instead of a location attack. Your cutie must be level 5 or higher to participate, the boss will be like a 6 points stronger version of your cutie, you get give free attacks per day and 15 more at the cost of additional energy, and you must use different Cuties for every attack. Inaddition, bosses can do some special attacks.

Each day bosses will also be weak against certain pet kind and elements. It’s not clear from their official post whether you’ll be able to know the exact element and kind in advance — obviously if it’s the first case, you'll use the right cutie against the right boss to cash in that bonus. Watch out for the opposite; sometimes bosses will have strengths against certain kinds!

Victories will be rewarded with the new Erc-20 CUTE token. Aw. And you also gain experience, both for winning and losing.

If the cuteness overload of this game is too much for your palate sometimes, we might say we feel the same; but you gotta admit, the Cuties do exceptionally well. We're excited to see what the full power of the boss raids look like on Halloween! Until then, stay cute. But... Not too much.

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