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War Riders: dutch auctions and contest live

War Riders, the Twisted Metal inspired MMO game where you can earn cryptocurrency by blowing up cars in a dystopian wasteland, launched a three week long dutch auction sale on October 10th. If you arrive on time, you’ll find Gold, Platinum and Founders vehicles, plus 3 kinds of Car Tanks, and BADGEs.

What would you want tacky sounding cars for? This game — which comes out in beta towards the end of this year — lets players build their own Mad Max style vehicles from scratch, with customized logos and messaging. You’ll want your mystery machine to be murderous as possible when you’re driving it around a wasteland scouting for Benzene (BZN) to fill your tank. Then race back to your garage and drop off your loot in your BZN wallet, avoiding the bombs that your rivals will throw at you — or throwing some attacks yourself! When you encounter another player, it will be up to the two of you how you proceed. Once you’re back at the garage, use your BZN to buy weapons, upgrades, more vehicles and garages. The more you accumulate, the sooner you’ll grow to be an Attila of the Automobiles, the leader of a car army that will take over the wasteland and offer protection to others like a feudal lord.

What is a dutch auction? Popular in crypto game campaigns as of late; a dutch auction is when prices start high and are progressively lowered until someone buys (all mediated by a smart contract).

In the case of the War Riders auction, three different Lambos will be sold, in addition to three special Car Tanks. The most expensive of the six cars started at 100 ETH and will progressively approximate 0.

There’s also a brand new feature being introduced: BADGEs.

Creators have said they wanted BADGE to be an acronym and stand for “Basic Air Defense Ground Equipment”, but had to accept that there was nothing in the game that fit that description, and, I’m glad to report, they did not post-hoc shoehorn some ridiculous air defence thing in just fit the acronym.

So what did badges end up being? BADGE is a distinctive mark applied to a car. Three were introduced on the 10th: 1. Gold — released one per vehicle type 2. Founders — released one per vehicle type 3. Platinum — released one per vehicle type

This means that there is only one Gold War Lambo in the game, one Gold Car tank, etc.

To read more details about the vehicles being auctioned and how their BADGEs affect their worth, refer to this reputable source.

And one last thing! War Riders is holding a contest until Sunday October 14th where participants can win an SUV, a War Truck, or 100 BZN. (What’s that? Come on, I don’t think they’re that stup— alright! Ok) I’m being asked to clarify: digital cars, for the game. Not real ones.

To participate: 1. Follow @warriders and @dapp_com on twitter 2. Like and retweet the giveaway post link with hashtag #ridewithdapp_com

The winners will be chosen randomly from posted retweets and announced on October 15.

Stay tuned to keep in the loop about the lastest blockchain gaming developments! Some call us the most reputable source.

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