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Etheremon Halloween: find Spookaboo and revive the dead

During Etheremon Halloween event, you’ll get a new superpower and will be able to revive the dead! No, unfortunately it’s not about your parents marriage or your hope that bitcoin hits 20k again. Nor does it relate to creating an army of zombies - the idea seems too unoriginal. It’s all about Etheremon world, and now Gameunculus will explain you how to become kinda necromancer. But first make sure that you understand the meaning of the word clearly and put the shovel aside.

Etheremon is a game which reminds us of another -mon game, where you catch fantastic beings, abuse them and make them work for you. Well, they call it “Adventures”, but in fact it’s a hard chore for poor little things. Gameunculus is thinking seriously about starting a “Save the Mons from Adventures” charity fund, but first let’s finish with our Halloween event. With their Halloween event, we mean.

The event will be live from October 12th till October 31st. During this period the Hell Gate will open wide, and Spookaboos will be released. Spookaboos are powerful spirits of the dead Mons, and if a player finds one, they can set a revival ritual to retrieve the dead Mons back. Only 7 Spookaboos will appear in special areas (Mount Kilimanjaro, Red Fort, Great Pyramid, Opera House) and any of them will summon 1 of 13 dead Mons randomly.

If you’re wondering how those Mons died and are waiting for a truly horrifying Halloween story, Gameunculus is obliged to disappoint you. In fact, dead Mons never died. They were just transformed to higher forms, and as long as no one owed the initial form, they were considered dead. Just imagine how malicious they could be after spending a while in the middle of nowhere! So you’d better be careful while trying to catch them all. Though Gameunculus has nothing against natural selection, we will miss you so much if you perish in an unfair fight with a dead Mon!

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