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WizardsOne: beta test proceeding well, ready for full release

WizardsOne beta PvP fights, launched a couple of weeks ago, are functioning well. Smart contracts are running stably, and the devs are preparing full release.

WizardsOne is the first EOS based blockchain game, where you can easily collect, breed and trade digital wizards. The breeding process is going to be truly enchanting! Haha, did you fall for it? Just kidding. Or maybe not, cause all the above mentioned features will be also available. Except breeding, wah-wah. The guys are too cool to think of such down-to-earth things! As it looks like something different from a familiar collectible stuff, let’s go through some some charming (yeah, this again) game characteristics.

The core of the game is battles and tournaments, where players can win EOS tokens. It seems a little unusual and disturbing, cause it makes you leave your cosy little Ethereum world and head into uncharted territories. Well, we weren’t serious, we know that you really love changes and easily adjust yourselves to this very unstable blockchain world.

Unlike humans, digital wizards will have two DNAs: Battle DNA and Appearance DNA. Sounds rather crazy - why did they confine themselves to double DNA? We’d love to have smth similar in real life: two hearts (first for pumping blood, second - for loving cryptogames), two packs of brains (one for thinking, the other - for not thinking), how do you like that? Would it be maaagical (yep, we're pushing it). Anyways, the Battle DNA affects the wizards abilities to carry their magic hocks and shoot fireballs, and the Apperance DNA makes them good-looking. Or ugly, in case of bad luck. Which one is more important? You tell us, drawing on your life experience.

The wizard guys won’t run around naked - remember, no breeding! They’ll have a number of items to wear. If your wizard wins the battle, he will be able to copy the item of the looser and put it on. Not actually stealing, but will also do. The funny thing is that when your wizard wears copied clothing, it reduces his rarity, making him less unique! Reminds us of the girls buying the dress identical to their friend’s one, cause the dress is really cool, and never wearing it, cause their friend has the same!

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