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9Lives Arena Kickstarter: great giveaways

The 9Lives Arena Kickstarter is just a couple days away from closing!

Limited edition rewards are being given away as part of the campaign — and this game looks promising, so we advise you take a look. We’ll tell you just enough to get you excited about it here.

They claim to be the world’s most competitive fantasy PvP game. We’re wondering what exactly they mean by “the most” competitive. What we do know now, is that 9Lives Arena is a 1v1 PvP RPG (three acronyms in a row start to look like code). There’s a playable alpha version live if you wanna try it out.

In the game, player is accompanied by an AI called Ooogy, who does your evil bidding both on and off-line. A mobile app for iOS and Android is in the works that will allow you to control Ooogy from a distance (a distance from your PC). The point of this is to make the tedious work of the grind less worky. If the dream is to make a living playing crypto games, they just took the dream and strapped it to a rocket. You’ll be earning a living by having a remote control AI that plays crypto games for you. Or at least...that’s the pitch. Remember, a lot can be promised on Kickstarter.

You will play as a hero that you yourself create (there’s no pre-determined classes). You’ll train and level up your character until you’re strong enough to enter the 9Lives arena. Where you’ll have 9 lives, duh. What’s your Ooogy doing all this time? The details are unclear to us, but the more progress he makes, the faster your character levels up and unlocks bloodlines, spells, weapons and spirit animals.

All your items and resources are safely stored on-chain. You’ll be able to trade them and the characters with other players. Plus, you’ll be able to visualize how many tokens of an item exist in a game, to tell how rare your items really are. We personally like this feature a lot — that’s really wringing the blockchain for all its potential. Because items will be taken out of circulation when the character wearing them dies in the Arena, items will become increasingly rare. Pretty interesting.

What’s in it for Kickstarter backers? The Lost Atlantean Mage Armor set. It will allow you to craft the parts for a character. Except for a belt, belts are never craftable. That’s why, they’re giving away limited edition Demon Skull Belts on the Kickstarter too! There will also be shields, masks, Ooogies, and items.

The team has projected that the platform, initially released for PC, will eventually be moved to Xbox and Playstation!

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