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WAR FIELD: withdraw GLDR to your ERC20 wallet!

Now you can withdraw earned GLDR to your ERC20 wallet, hooray! WAR FIELD finally did it, and now you can make money playing a shooter - isn’t it cool? And what’s even cooler - the airdrop is still live, so you can get some tokens not for killing other gamers, but for clicking on the links and following WAR FIELD social nets. Wow, it seems like a dream job!

Already thinking of quitting your job and making a living playing WAR FIELD? Well, slow down. Maybe it’s not that simple. We haven’t withdrawn our GLDR (we’ve earned loads of them, cause Gameunculus is a pro) yet, the transaction is pending. The WAR FIELD team is aware of the problem, and they are working to solve it. Every request is being reviewed manually, so it takes lots of time. The devs just do not want to share their precious tokens with bots or users having multiple accounts. Please, guys, let it be a fair fight! Don’t try to cheat, or Gameunculus will sneak into your house at night, and do smth terribly sexual to your kitty or doge! Or a hamster. An iguana is also fine. Beware!

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