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Crypt-Oink: Halloween pigs and swine races coming soon

Crypt-oink, the first ever Japanese blockchain game, is doing pretty well. It’s an Ethereum-based collectible and trading game designed by Good Luck 3 studio, where the merchandise are kawaii little piggies called cryptons. There’s around 3.6 trillion (can that be right??) to choose from, and their design is authentic Japanese quality.

In their August roadmap, the Crypt-oink team included “winter and fall seasonal events”, among which, as it turns out, Halloween celebrations are included! The event called “Costumes, cosplay, and treats galore!” will bring us limited edition pumpkin swine and batpigs by the dozen. Only available till October 19. Blockchain: always teaching you how to manage your time more effectively, the hard way.

In other important news, they’re well on their way to launch pig races! Watch the trailer here and decide if they’re worth your time.

What do you think about Halloween, guys? Planning anything special? As for Gameunculus’s Halloween costume — he’ll dress as himself. You’ll find him telling the most blood-curdling tales about the dark web’s crypto games. It will be terrifying, we promise.

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