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Axie Infinity Battles now live on Ethereum Mainnet

We report shocking news, we report unexpected news, but today, we report a huge sigh of relief and a cheer of “at last!”. After a series of tests and improvements, the Axie Infinity Battles system is finally live on the Ethereum Mainnet.

If you’re not familiar with Axie Infinity, check our description here. Or just read this following blurb. If you ever wanted to haphazardly assemble incompatible body parts together, as God did when he created platypuses and Benedict Cumberbatch, Axie is the dapp for you. A beautifully designed game where you collect and breed little critters that can inherit a scaly tail from a lizard, pointy teeth from a piranha and the trendy hairstyle of Donald Trump. Or the other way around, lizard teeth, piranha hairstyle, and the tail of… well, you know.

The news today is that you’ll now also be able to create teams of Axies and battle other trainers in fierce off-chain combat.

Why off-chain? To “ensure (...) players have a smooth and enjoyable playing experience (...) without paying pesky transaction fees” (read the reputable source). In addition, Axie Infinity will be joining the Loom NetworkPlasma Chain private beta, thus becoming one of the first Ethereum dapps to scale with plasma cash (read more technical deets in their Medium post here!).

Gameunculus explored dozens of articles, reviews, tutorials, how-to-plays and video guides to present a digest of the new battle feature. If you find it more funny than informative — cool, that’s exactly the effect we were going for.

You need at least 3 Axies to battle. Axies are not sneaky rats afraid of a fair fight; they are, first of all, social animals, and secondly — they just want you to admire their tactical combinations. You and whose army? An army of 3 Axies army!

Gameunculus thinks its pretty cool that the battles are off-chain and you don’t need to pay gas for every battle — a perfect solution for a blood thirsty maniac living on a budget! This is part of new trend in cryptogames: leave the chain to avoid its drawbacks. Maybe soon we’ll have a new generation of games, which are not crypto or blockchain! Wait… Please, don’t tell us we already have them!

Axies earn experience when they win the battle; and when they lose, they earn experience as well. It’s like your real life: you make a mistake — you get invaluable experience! Together with STDs, bad tattoos and child support.

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