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​​​​Steem-based game Steem Monsters holding two contests

​​SteemMonsters is having not one, but two contests! Needy much? ​​

​​This first one is about to expire, so hurry up: it’s a 24 hour long contest and is more than half underway (yeah, sorry; it would’ve been more useful to report it 12 hours ago. Well why don’t you go running over to a different crypto games news source then!? No wait — we didn’t mean it!). ​​

To participate, send @themarkymark your ill informed predictions and uneducated opinions about the future of gaming on Steem. The answer that best pleases his highness will be rewarded with an unopened Steem Monsters card pack. Don’t be greedy guys: one entry per account.

​​​​The second one is chill. It’s an “open-ended” art contest calling for works inspired by Steem Monsters. You have complete freedom to draw, design, code, compose, animate, or even knit, sew and embroider anything at all, based on either the cards or just the general gist of the game. Check previous iterations of this contest online for inspiration.

If the first contest was like hastily powering through the last 5 minutes of a final exam at a strict boarding school, this second one is like a free-spirited art project at a Waldorf school. You have until October 12th at 9:00 pm CST. To submit your art, you must post it on your own Steemit account, describe and show some proof of your process, and upvote and link your post to the comments of this submission post. In true snowflake spirit, there will be several winners, which will share a prize of 15 Booster Packs. Winners will be announced on October 13th! ​​

Why should you care? What is Steem Monsters, even!?

​​ Steem Monters is a collectible card game built on the blockchain-powered social platform Steem. The beta is currently live, with a limited supply of cards (insert mandatory call to quick action here). You can buy, sell and trade your NFT Monster cards on the Monster Market Exchange. The battling feature will launch next Sunday, October 14th. There, we’re reporting with a full week’s notice. See? We can learn from our mistakes…

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