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Ether Kingdoms upcoming features

Ether Kingdoms, a mining crypto game, is planning to introduce some new features to enrich the gameplay. Now it’s rather simple: players own mines (25 maximum) where they mine IMPs (game tokens), they can upgrade their mines and fight with other players or bots. Unfortunately, the battles are automatic, and can you call a real battle the one you do not take part in? We can’t! So, to keep competitive on the crypto games market, the devs are planning to implement some new features soon.

Boss fights

We hope you understand that it’s not about fighting your CEO. Ether Kingdoms bosses will appear on the map for a certain period of time and will be filled up with cool prizes. The only thing you should do is to crack this dreadful pinata!


Look, humans are social animals, and it’s always better to have fun together than to suffer alone. It doesn’t work for those with social anxiety disorder, but there are already plenty of single-player games for them. Ether Kingdoms will now encourage folksy extroverts, and we can’t blame them for that.

Free play

The game is moving to a Freemium model, allowing players to mine and fight without paying anything until they reach level 15. The idea is to attract new users and get them hooked up, ‘cause they’ll definitely be sorry to lose their progress - smart cookies!

Well, this is Gameunculus, and remember, kids: the first dose is always free!

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