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3 blockchain gaming events to visit this fall

Tired, bored and suffering from a lack of needed sunlight? Gameunculus will tell you how to cope with that: just visit the upcoming blockchain events! Minsk, Prague, Malta - plenty to choose from.

Crypto Games Conference, Minsk

The closest event is the Crypto Games Conference , October 17-18, Minsk, Belarus.

Why go?

  • 100+ gaming brands including such industry monsters as CryptoKitties and Alto;
  • awards for submitted games in 5 different nominations (but who needs iPhone 8 and X, when there are already newest ones?);
  • 50 free stands for cryptogames to boast and show off.

Blockchain gaming meetup by Experimental, Prague

If you’re planning to visit DEVCON4 in Prague, Czech Republic, you may also want to pop over to the Blockchain gaming meetup on October 29.

Why go?

  • Insights from Loom, DappRadar, Pixowl and Experimental;
  • an informal meeting crucial for the growing crypto games industry;
  • excellent Czech beer which is criminally cheap.

Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta aspires to become a Blockchain Island, and it succeeds at least on 1-2 November. 5,000 delegates will be welcome, as well as hundreds of investors.

Why go?

  • Super-famous speakers and blockchain influencers saving the world through blockchain. John McAfee will also be there, just between his latest poisoning and upcoming presidency;
  • devs & technology conference on using smart contracts in dApps development;
  • 20 degrees celsius in November, sunny. Nuff said.

(Murmuring) If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where blockgames sit? What do you think, guys? Planning to go anywhere? Drop us a message for a meetup!

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