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Blockchain Cuties’ new fearful raid monster

Blockchain Cuties’ devs have revealed their worst fear in the run-up to Halloween, creating the scariest game raid boss. What’s the most terrifying thing for game devs, what do you think? Gas prices rising to the moon? BTW, that’s the only thing uniting game devs with normal people. Players who massively left the game? Well, for Blockchain Cuties’ devs it’s just a weird shiny guy made up from rolling ethereum parts. What does it stand for - ETH depreciation? Maybe for alternative blockchains used for game creation lately (psst.. EOS) and which can make ethereum blockchain obsolete for games!?

Oh, let’s stop guessing, there’s one more important thing. Guys, you know what? Blockchain Cuties now have the raid boss, but there are still no raids in the game. Does that mean they’ll launch some soon? Yep, we guess so! Looking forward for kicking this bastard’s shiny ethereum ass, hehe.

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