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Kickstarter suspended Hash Rush campaign

For those not reading headings (we also don’t like them; our editor says they should be informative and it’s yawnful): Hash Rush Kickstarter campaign was suspended. Those, who pledged (there were 30 backers with total donations of $3,264) got an email from Kickstarter team. No clarification received, just some excerpts from Kickstarter rules and a presumption that Hash Rush violated one or more of them.

It seems rather weird to us. How could this happen, if all Kickstarter campaigns are checked for compliance with the rules before the launch? Hash Rush team remained silent and kept posting beautiful artworks of their upcoming game on Twitter. What does that mean? Have they found a brilliant solution and pay no attention to the problem? Or are they confused and don’t really know how to deal with it? Gameunculus will keep you informed if we learn smth new.

UPD. We contacted Hash Rush and here's their comment: "Thanks for that write-up, we were not given any warning at all, just informed that we were suspended. While it's an unfortunate setback, we are working on other solutions (such as IndieGoGo) and are having a very constructive conversation with Kickstarter as well".

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