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Steem Monsters successfully raised $88,000 on Kickstarter

Steem Monsters, a digital card game built on Steem blockchain, was successfully funded on Kickstarter raising more than $88 grand from 274 backers. You, guys, love this kind of cyber sport, huh?

The world is fractured and devoured by chaos. No, you didn’t oversleep the nuclear war, it’s just about the game! So, the world broke into 6 separate kingdoms and they started to fight. But combative neighbours are not the worst enemy - there’s smth more evil and powerful, and to survive the hostiles should reunite. Not that bad, what do you think? Sounds like a job for a real hero. Time to overcome your social anxiety!

Though you’ve already missed Kickstarter exclusives, you can still begin your journey through the Splinterlands - the world where Steem Monsters fight for power. The Starter Set is worth $10. Hint: you can save some coins to buy it, if you don’t eat your lunch.

Collectibles: sell’em all at once on OpenSea!
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