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Collectibles: sell’em all at once on OpenSea!

If you’ve grown out of collecting cars, cats, bots, or anything else, you can easily sell them all together on OpenSea! Wait, put your butterfly collection away and let 142 teddies rot in the garage - we mean crypto collectibles. A discerning reader will comment sarcastically: “Guys, I’ve been trading collectibles on OpenSea since January 2018! Isn’t your news a lil bit outdated?”. Oh no, our picky bro, it’s not, cause now you can sell your collectibles in bunches of 100 items, how do you like that?

Just imagine, you don’t need to pay gas fees for every trade approval, and you don’t need to list your items one by one (which is f*cking monotonous) - create a collection and sell it at once! You can combine collectibles from different games or make a starter kit for a certain one - it’s up to you.

Maybe your don’t want to dump all your collectibles, but you were breeding them too hard and now want to hand the litter out? Then check OpenSea for the new feature and check your pockets (not literally; we mean your digital wallets like MetaMask) for the outdated stuff you’d love to get rid of!

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