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Hash Rush is on Kickstarter - pledge and get unique rewards

HashRush have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter, and they’re waiting for your support to bring their game to life! HashRush demo is available now, beta is postponed till December 2018 (devs say, they don’t want to disappoint community releasing a “bad” beta), and the early access is planned for March 2019. You, guys, should have a patience of a saint to cope with all that waiting!

To sweeten the pot, devs have prepared loads of rewards for those who fund the game. Kickstarter is not a charity, and you always get smth valuable for you help. For example, for a 1 pound pledge you’ll get a thank you e-mail from the team (so sweet! Will they call us Gameunculus the Savior?) and 4x digital concept art pieces. Then rates go up, and if you really want to get “Platinum Savior” title (omg, how vainly) you’ll need to fork out and pledge 5 grand!

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