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nTitle Fury is live on the Ethereum Testnet

nTitle Fury, a retro-racing game, is finally live, and driving in circles, booster collecting, challenges and leaderboards are available! As Guido, Community Manager of nTitle, claimed in his interview with Gameunculus a couple of weeks ago, the game has 2 versions: Classic Fury for non-blockchain users, and Blockchain Fury for people like us - crypto experts, enthusiasts and obsessed gamers. And we’re happy that playing Blockchain Fury gets us more perks, hehe.

Sure thing, Gameunculus couldn’t refuse to try a new game. We got some info on the gameplay, but diving deep into the game is far better than listening or watching someone else playing. So, we’ve entered our e-mail, chose Blockchain Fury, grabbed some ETH from Ropsten Test Faucet (it’s free!), got 1000 NTL tokens (a good start!) and pushed the PLAY button.

If you see хХSUPERGameunculus2018Хх on the leaderboard, you’d better give yourself up! But make it quick - maybe we'll soon grow tired of being a street racer superstar and try smth different.

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