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Crypto Takeovers pre-sale: become an expert in geopolitics

Crypto Takeovers, a new country collectible, is running a pre-sale. Why should you care? Well, only 24 days are left! But it’s plenty of time, isn’t it? Oh no, it really isn’t, when we speak of Crypto Takeovers! Listen up, Gameunculus will tell you why you need some time (and some intelligence) to start playing.

Crypto Takeovers is not just another collectible (there are already plenty of them trading countries or cities - use the Search button on Gameunculus for a proof). It also has countries and cities cards, and you can also trade them for ETH, but there the similarities end. The price of any card is not constant, it depends on how often a city or a country is mentioned on the net. If today the country has less mentions than yesterday, the price goes down, and if it has more - the price moves up!

If you’re into geopolitics and in the know of most global events, you can easily predict the dates when a country becomes viral. If you happen to know smth significant about Tuvalu (yep, it’s a real country) - get the card immediately before someone else googles it and its price rises! And it’s not only about buying cards cheap and selling them expensive; if most of your predictions are correct, you’ll join a so-called Midas List and get ETH rewards for every game transaction!

Not that easy, huh? But aren’t you, our fellow readers, the smartest guys on the blockchain? We’re pretty sure about that, so why don’t you make a research and buy some promising cards with a good discount?

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