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HyperDragons spits fire after an instantaneous ten fold rise

Have you noticed that HyperDragons now have 10 times more users than they did before and are listed as a #1 game? What a rapid uptake - pure magic! It’s even more astonishing than a flying dragon. How on earth do dragons manage to fly? This huge unliftable bulk soars in the sky as a birdie! Let’s work this out - not the flying dragon of course, but a HyperDragons rise.

Gameunculus doesn’t officially believe in magic, only in the power of human intellect. Or human stupidity sometimes. We’ve investigated the case and found an explanation plain and simple, with the roots going to blockchain (blockchain: more reliable than magic since 2008).

Well, going back to our original dragons. A few days ago they integrated a new Tenfold Protocol, which saved up to 95% gas fees and extended battle arenas allowing 2,048 players fight side by side. So perhaps we’re about to see 2,000+ DAU soon - guys, now there’s enough space for all of you! And have no fear of gas price - arena battles have gone off-chain.

What exactly are you waiting for? Save the dragon, get rid of princess!

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