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A very special weapon in CryptoFights giveaway

Guys, what do you think the most important weapon characteristic is? Range? Deadliness? Destructive capacity? Ease of use? Well, some devs think, that a game weapon should be as weird as possible, and nothing else matters.

Gameunculus has seen loads of freakish and awkward in-game arms. What would you say if you see a Tuna Sword, which actually is just a giant tuna? Or a Dubstep gun, killing enemies by making them dance to the deadly beat? Still not impressed? OK, what about Mr. Toots, a cute unicorn firing magic beams from its posterior?

Cryptogames have already had some strange weapons, for example, Blockchain Cuties are trying to beat their opponents with a fly swatter, and they even succeed sometimes. But Pristine Thigh Bone in CryptoFights is outstanding! Just take a look, it’s a real human femur - not sure if it’s pristine enough, but let’s take their word for that. You can get this fantastic item if you participate in a giveaway: Hope it’s not the way they lure new victims in to produce more Pristine Thigh Bones from them - why don’t you check?

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