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Win a 3 star horse in Crypto Horse for retweet

One hundred years ago everybody had horses, and only silk stockings had cars. Nowadays everybody has cars, and only wealthy snobs have horses, but that’s not fair! No more discrimination on grounds of well-being, ‘cause Gameunculus will teach you how to get a horse without paying! Sure thing, it will be a crypto horse, we’re far from being cowboys here.

Everybody who shares Crypto Horse Twitter posts from today till September 29th has a chance to win a 3 star horse! A 3 star horse is like a luxurious 5-star hotel - only 5% of all crypto horses are that good.The more posts you share, the higher the chance of winning is, so you’d better follow their account not to miss anything. Why should you try? Sport cars, fashion brands and latest smartphones won’t surprise anyone on Instagram, but a crypto horse will!

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