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Real achievements in WAR FIELD: die 50 times, get 100 GLDR

Guys, do you know what an achievement is? It’s usually like: kill over 9000 rats and get a “Serial Rats Killer” badge. Or: spend 42 days in game and get a “WTF am I doing with my life?!” title; a pack of antidepressants and a chocolate bar included. So, most of achievements make you do smth you do not want to in order to get smth you do not need. And it’s amazing that at least in certain games achievements are still worth something!

WAR FIELD, a tokenized shooter, have just presented their understanding of game achievements. Most importantly, you’ll get rewarded (not “rewarded”) if you meet the conditions. Every achievement will bring you from 1 to 2000 GLDR - in-game tokens, which will be soon traded on exchange as a normal cryptocurrency. Next, you don’t need to be a Chad to get a reward - losers can get their achievements for being killed or just spending time in game! And finally, some achievements names are really cool: Pumpkinhead, Dearly Departed, Ham-hands - guess what you should do to get them, or just start playing WAR FIELD to know for sure!

And if you want to learn more about the game, pay attention to our longread on WAR FIELD:

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