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2000th Chibi born in Chibi Fighters, and other cryptogames news

Hardly woke up, put some black pepper in a cup instead of coffee, got stuck in traffic and had an argument with your boss? Looks like you’ve got a case of the Mondays! Gameunculus won’t let you down, just keep reading and we’ll tell you who you need to become not to deal with Mondays anymore!

First (and it’s the most obvious thing) you can become a baby. Btw, the 2000th baby was born in Chibi Fighters! Unfortunately, he had grown up before we finished the post. That’s the main babies problem - they’re always growing out of their crawlers and finally have to start work.

Then, you can try a kitty or a doge instead. Smth fluffy and cheerful, or scaly and evil like a new Crypto Kitties fancy cat Pawzilla. Just imagine: no offices, traffic jams, deadlines or Mondays! Have you ever seen a cat bothered by such small things as days of the week? The only flaw is hygiene issue - you know, we wouldn’t change a bathtub for licking ourselves.

Finally, you can become a God. A rather promising one has been just introduced by Gods Unchained - it’s Auros, the God of War! Almightiness, special powers, and the ability to annihilate Mondays forever! In our view, this variant is the most fitting for our special needs.

Do we have any ideas how you can become a god? No, Gameunculus is a strategist, we set a direction, but only you can move forward! And we’re always ready to get you away from your normal life and dip into the world of cryptogames!

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