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A new racing game nTitle Fury - why should you register now?

Gameunculus adores new games: this feeling when you discover smth unexplored, get to know it from every angle and share the info with our readers - this is what we’re meant for! Hey, less talking, more doing.

Today we’re exploring a game which is not live yet. Why now and not after the launch? ‘Cause early birds can always get some beefy worms! In this particular case the role of worms is played by a reward of $50 worth of NTL tokens, but only to 100 people randomly chosen from all players who sign up on the pre-registration page.

Wait, we haven’t introduced the game yet! It’s nTitle Fury by nTitle, a blockchain software solutions company focused on the new blockchain commerce sector. We explored the game and asked Guido, Community Manager of nTitle, to share some details with our readers.

nTitle Fury is a racing game on blockchain, and the creators call it “retro” - well, the game graphics really reminds Gameunculus of our early childhood experience on Nintendo game consoles. It’s absolutely free, and players can get rewards if they have the best lap-time. While driving players can collect the “N” tokens for extra points and exchange them to useful in-game stuff like speed boosters or traffic reducers.

Guido: Anyone can join, it’s free, we'll just ask for an email address. There are different ways to earn points, via the game, via using MetaMask and using the full version of the game, and then there are special challenges, like joining our social channels, downloading our whitepaper, etc. And of course challenging/inviting your friends to beat your lap-time will earn you points as well.

Guido’s mentioned the “full version” of the game, does it mean that there’s another one? Yes, it does, they’ve made a version for people who are not very fond of blockchain!

Guido: We understand that some people will show some resistance to using MetaMask, so we also have the option to play the "Lite" version of the game, which doesn't involve blockchain at all. But you won't be able to use items. We want people to try a simplified version, get them hooked, and if they want to experience the full blockchain game process (which is obviously better) they'll have to get MetaMask.

Game devs are planning to organize tournaments with huge prize pool. There will be player levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro and Legends, depending on the number of points earned.

Guido: The total prize pool will be $200K, and depending on your number of points, you'll be classified in tiers. The top tier is made of the top 50 players and the other tiers are brackets based on points, so for example if you have between 5000 and 18000 points, you'll be in the "Advanced" tier. It means you'll be splitting the $45K pool dedicated to the "Advanced" tier together with all the other players who are "Advanced".

And the most important thing for those who are looking for pre-sales and bounties: if you register on now, you’ll get 500 game points (which will immediately put you on the Intermediate level) and a chance to win a special reward!

Guido: For the testing phase, we're offering a reward for feedback of $50 worth of NTL tokens, but only to 100 people, that is why we have the pre-registration page live now. There are no special requirements. We'll be selecting 100 people from everyone who has applied.

We’ve already registered, what about you? Racing nostalgia on blockchain is worth trying! Not GTA Vice City sure enough - no car crashes, explosions or fights, but aren’t you mature and dull enough to choose a straitlaced blockchain game? Even if you don’t get the prize, getting 500 points is nice, and you won’t have to push your way on the Beginners level.

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