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Riot Cats pre-order - another catlectible or smth upstanding?

A new game is coming - Riot Cats, and their pre-order is live! Now you have a unique chance to collect digital cats, breed and trade them! Sounds familiar? Wait, oh jeez, maybe the chance is not that unique. Perhaps it’s even not racy at all, hm? So let’s snuggle these purring bellies and discover what’s hidden under their softest fur!

Today Gameunculus has spoken to Liam, Community and Marketing Manager at Riot Cats, in an attempt to find out whether the game is worth our time or it’s just another version of trading digital pictures.

Gameunculus: Why cats again? Why not the animals not presented on blockchain: platypuses, dolphins, rhinos, polar bears?

Liam: First of all we really love cats like others. But usually people mention them like cute pets, who are always purring and cuddling. We partly agree with them. But all of us forget the nature of cats. After all they are predators and this side we choose to depict in our game.

Gameunculus: What makes your game special?

Liam: To make cats look even more spectacular, we created them in 3D. Of course we have the usual functional (buying/selling/breeding). But we’d like to create a game, that is why we focused on battle system. Players can enter into the combat, cat against cat. Each player gains experience. The winner gets more experience and gets a chance to obtain a random item of equipment. Also the game has a special marketplace for items, where players can buy or sell them. Additional items can be equipment that directly affects the combat parameters of the character, or items that affect the meta parameters (such as cooldown time after a fight, the chance of loot drop, etc.). Cats and items are ERC-721 tokens. We have an upgrading system. Each cat has the set of stats, which can be improved by participating in battles. These stats can actually mutate and influence cat’s offspring. We’re planning to add the exchange functional. Players will be able to exchange other ERC-721 tokens directly for our battle cats. And there is one more thing. After the project’s start there is no ability to change the smart contract and add new functional. Our developers are planning to expand the game process in the future and add some new functions, so they developed the extensions system.

Well, 3D fight sounds good, and the army of well-armed cats is not the same as a pack of cards with fluffies. Gameunculus is eager to test himself in a cruel world with cats-survivals, and today is a day to start preparing, ‘cause Riot Cats are still carrying out the pre-order campaign. You can get the biggest discount of 70% on legendary items and battle cats if you buy them before Sunday, September 23!

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