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Use ERC-20 tokens to buy Mons and get a rebate in EMONT

Most of cryptogames sell their stuff for ETH or internal game tokens. What if you occasionally ran out of ETH? Would you try to pay for in-game items or collectibles with another cryptocurrency instead of ether? No, we don’t think so, it makes no sense. Just go to an exchange, spend some money, waste some time, pay some fees - and you’ll get your precious item in the end. After a couple of hours. Tomorrow maybe. You’ll finally get it, don’t worry!

With a new feature of Etheremon you don’t have to be patient anymore, as they’ve partnered with Kyber Network and introduced a new payment system. No exchanges involved - just pay with tokens you have in your wallet right now, doesn’t matter which tokens they are. Any supported ERC-20 tokens can be used, making payments simple, rapid and verified, ‘cause they are carried out on-chain.

And to make this event memorable, Etheremon offers EMONT compensation for players who pay with tokens. 300 EMONT will be rebated for the token amount equivalent to 1 ETH spent in the game during the next 12 days, from 18th to 30th September, 2018. A great news for those whose pockets are full of various cryptocurrencies! Gameunculus would better wait for the blessed days when it will be possible to pay for crypto assets with stones, seashells or colourful beads.

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